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Also please do not attempt this if you don't understand anything in my rambling above or don't have the correct tools (including a torque wrench, suitable crows foot socket for your new bolts and access to the correct torque specs for everything) - far better to waste a couple of hundred quid getting a specialist to do this poxy job than risk a trip to A&E or worse.

Damn, which I could edit the post to put in a disclaimer...

NOTE: If you do plan to try this, use proper hardened steel bolts from another caliper carrier of the same length, pitch, etc. Stick any random old bolt in there and you might get to witness the lovely sight of your rear brake calipers flying past, shortly followed by you making an interesting journey into a ditch if the softer bolts strip their threads or shear off under heavy braking.
Abarth 500 / Possible shortcut for an irritating job with the rear brakes
« Last post by mj2k on Today at 01:52:16 am »
I've been changing the rear discs today on the Abarth 595, or to be exact the rear disc, still need to do the other one  ::)

All I can say is what a faff, I think Fiat had a bit of an 'Alfa moment' in their design there - making the rear wheel hub in such a way you have to remove the whole stub axle to take the brake disc off, and in the process most likely snap your ABS sensor off whilst trying to remove it.

After spending an hour trying to find out what torque to retighten the stub axle bolts on replacement should be (120nm I think) and a further hour carefully unhooking the handbrake cable, removing the caliper and attempting to remove the ABS sensor before my bottle gave out, I decided to try something a bit different.

I loosened off all the stub axle bolts to within a few threads of coming off, then with a little careful prying freed the stub axle enough so I could twist it a bit and fit in a standard hex key in the top bolt, meaning I didn't have to completely remove the halfshaft. So one small win.

And then whilst finally removing the brake caliper carrier I cursed the design of the hex headed bolts which held it on, and wondered why the heck Fiat used them rather than a standard bolt, like Subaru. And then I had a brainwave - I had 4x spare rear caliper bolts left over from my last Subaru build so dug them up for a quick comparison - same thread pitch and length:

So then gave it a quick try in the caliper carrier - fits like it's meant to be there :)

Admittedly it doesn't look as 'chunky' as the Fiat original, but given the Subaru rear caliper design is identical (except for the handbrake) and the Subaru is a much heavier, usually more powerful car, the smaller Subaru bolts should be well up to the job of holding the Abarth rear caliper in place.

So fitted the caliper holder up with the Subaru bolts - success!

Not much help this time round, but next time round it'll only take a few tweaks with a normal spanner to get the caliper carrier off and replace the disk, rather than ages struggling and worrying about potential damage. Should be simple enough to pick up rear hub carrier bolts for a 2004-2007 Subaru Legacy from somewhere like importcarparts, but I suspect there are many other similar caliper carriers around on other cars which use the same type of hex headed bolt.

I'll be monitoring it for a while just to make sure it's stable, but if nothing goes awry this could be a very simple fix for one of the Abarth's most irritatingly pointless jobs  :thumb:
General Abarth / Re: recommended Independant garages in Lincolnshire
« Last post by mac1944 on December 03, 2021, 07:45:36 pm »
Check Alfa Romeo owners club site for recommendations that’s how I found my independent garage (Edinburgh)
General Abarth / recommended Independant garages in Lincolnshire
« Last post by yellow bee on December 03, 2021, 11:50:27 am »
Good morning all,

I am after a recommended Independant garage in Lincolnshire. I have an engine management light  (code P2097) that needs looking at. Can anyone here advise on one please?

Abarth 500 / Re: Check Engine Light continually comes on, wrong fuel?
« Last post by yellow bee on December 03, 2021, 11:38:51 am »
Hi Greg,

I know this is an old post but did you get your car sorted in the end? What was the issue? I'm having the same p2097 code coming up.

Any info will be appreciated.

Chris Knott Insurance / UK Breakdown Offer
« Last post by ChrisKnottIns on December 02, 2021, 10:55:57 am »
Hi everyone,

Just a quick reminder that our breakdown offer runs until the end of the year.

If winter has you worrying about safe travel, you may be considering breakdown cover to protect your cars.

To help, we're offering 12 months' comprehensive UK Breakdown Cover at the reduced price of £58 if you buy before the end of the year. As if that wasn't enough, there are extra discounts built-in for multi-car households too.

Normally £63, our cover includes the following as standard:

•   HomeStart
•   Flat batteries
•   Running out of fuel
•   Lost or broken keys
•   Accidental tyre damage.

You can get a quote and buy online using the link below or you can call 0800 917 2274 to arrange cover.


Discount Code: SANTA226

Chris Knott Insurance

Abarth 500 / Re: Looking to buy 2018 Abarth. Trofeo or Turismo?
« Last post by mj2k on December 02, 2021, 10:05:40 am »
Turismo interior is definitely nice, and though it's simple enough to swap over other bits and bobs as and when needed, the Turismo's extrass would cost a lot more to replicate.

So I'd say go for the Turismo unless the Trofeo has some super-expensive add-on like £2k worth of Sabelt carbon fibre seats; as of yesterday my Turismo's got the Monza fitted :)
Abarth 500 / Re: Looking to buy 2018 Abarth. Trofeo or Turismo?
« Last post by RvB on December 02, 2021, 07:42:42 am »
Interior is a bit higher spec on the Turismo, it has the leather seats, the digital climate controls, the ali gear knob, and I think a couple of other extra trim bits.

Trofeo has IHI turbo, Turismo has Garrett same as the Comp (although it's running at a lower power than the comp) and has a few extra bhps.

Trofeo has the Monza exahust so a bit louder and extra pops where as the Turismo has the standard Abarth exhaust.

Not sure if this is the same on all MY Trofeos, but when I looked at one it had 16" wheels with 195 tyres where as the Turismo has 17" with 205 tyres.
Abarth 500 / Re: Looking to buy 2018 Abarth. Trofeo or Turismo?
« Last post by Richard H on December 01, 2021, 08:36:25 pm »
The performance is the same.

The Turismo has a leather "luxury" interior and standard exhaust. Kind of grown up.

The Trofeo has the same engine, but, if I remember correctly, it has the Monza exhaust, dark wheels and coloured mirrors, cloth seats, a bit more youthful. Kind  of a halfway house between the Turismo and Comp. I think the suspension set up is the same, but could be wrong.

You need to have a look ad decide whicj you prefer.
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