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Title: 2008 AGP
Post by: HGC on April 05, 2021, 03:27:31 pm
Hi y'all,
I recently bought a 2008 Abarth Grande Punto, and thought I'd best join up with the forum for advice and tips.

Here's a photo of it:
( ( 1 ( by mtjhunt ([email protected]/), on Flickr

So far, I've done the usual service items such as cambelt & tensioner, water pump and fitting a few new bulbs (the notorious heater control ones were duff when I bought it). It's now just rolled past 114,000 miles, and is going strong; the previous owner fitted a BMC airbox, larger Airtec intercooler, straight-piped it and had it remapped to give 179bhp and 260Nm, so it's almost on a par with Esseesse spec, power-wise.

I was wondering if anyone knows how many of the AGPs made it to the UK; I gather it's under 400 or so...

Thanks for looking,
Title: Re: 2008 AGP
Post by: 124Abarthreplica on April 05, 2021, 07:01:10 pm
Welcome to the forum Maurice :thumb:

Looks a very smart Abarth Grande Punto, amazing that its 13 years old.
Title: Re: 2008 AGP
Post by: HGC on April 05, 2021, 11:30:59 pm
Thanks for the welcome. :)

It is in overall pretty good shape for the age/mileage, though as usual, the odd bit of wear & tear here and there, such as some stone chips on the rear quarters for some weird reason, and I had to paint the underside at the rear as some surface rust was beginning to appear.

I was wondering, if anyone knows of a good VIN decoder for these, or some other way to obtain the original build spec; I gather that 'Speed/Passionate Red' was an optional colour scheme for these, unless I'm mistaken?
Title: Re: 2008 AGP
Post by: android_808 on April 07, 2021, 02:03:05 pm
I noticed you asked about colour in a few places.  I'm just going to attempt to answer it here along with your other questions.

NB: Only mentioning the following eBay link is just for contained details. I have no connection to it, just something I found whilst digging for info. seemed pretty useless in terms of trying to get an answer from the official site.

Far more information, including some prices, is available from the original 24 Jul 2008 press release.  The details of the specs are also in another thread which you seem to have already found.  These details and prices may have changed at some point.  The UK had a temporary drop in VAT from 17.5% to 15% from December 2008 for a while.  There are two "optional" paints listed, metallic £375 and special £250, but it doesn't list what they are, so we need to find a brochure...

There's currently a brochure for sale on eBay listed as December 2008, there are others on there but this one seems to have the clearest pictures.  It doens't have any prices attached but does show the three colour options: 1949 White, Scorpion Black (Metallic) and Speed Red (Special).  It might be worth saving the images somewhere in case you want to check something else later on.

Punto's specifications aren't my specialty, never had one, so my knowledge of what changed and when isn't as good as it is for the 500/595 as I've had 3 and specced several others.  I don't know if there were other colours introduced or if the standard colour changed but I'd guess as yours is early the above is probably correct.  From the above you should also be able to work out what you have in terms of optional extras.  I don't know of a way to find build sheets to see if any were fitted after point of sale though.

What changed in the brochures between Oct ( and Dec 2008 linked above I can't make out as some of it is missing.  It might just be spelling/grammer change or be tied to the VAT change for all I know.  It may be a change to standard equipment, although I doubt that so early in the cars lifetime.

As to how many are there, I'm seeing a total of 377 licensed via the following site, by adding up totals from New Registations tab.  How accurate that is, I have no idea.

This one is also listed but is just one random car, only registered once.
Title: Re: 2008 AGP
Post by: HGC on April 07, 2021, 11:25:17 pm
Thanks for the info. I did in fact buy one of those December 2008 brochures, and it lists the Speed Red as "Special Paint", under the Optional Equipment list.

Interestingly, it also lists "alternative alloy rims 17" (6-spoke) with 205/45 R17 tyres, rather than the 215/45 ZR17 tyres fitted to the standard 5-spoke items. I wonder if they were intended as a winter/comfortable ride option...