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Author Topic: 595 in the Peak District  (Read 448 times)

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595 in the Peak District
« on: August 16, 2021, 01:33:50 pm »
Hi all, new to the forum so saying the obligatory 'hi'!

I bought a 2018 595 a couple of weeks back and I'm absolutely loving it. My background is mainly in Japanese cars so this is something different and a whole lot of fun.

I went for the base model because the roads around here aren't the best. My Scooby bounces everywhere and I didn't want the same with the Abarth. 16s and the standard suspension give a great ride so I'm happy with my choice....

...well, kinda. I can't normally leave a car standard so I'm already looking at options to up the power safely.

I'm off to Scoobyclinic next week to discuss stage 2. They're waiting on the correct equipment to remap the car - I've got two cars to sell at the moment and that cash is funding upgrades whilst I wait for their kit to arrive. I've asked them to evaluate the AbarthTuning Stage 2 kit and see what they can offer in it's place.

I'm using them because although they aren't an Alfa/Fiat/Abarth specialist, they've got 30-odd years of experience in race/rally and they're just down the road from me. I'm confident that they'll do me proud  :thumb:

For now though, here she is:

Looking forward to getting involved around here. And not getting jealous of the 124 Spider that lives behind me  :whistle:


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