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Author Topic: New member  (Read 294 times)

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« on: March 25, 2019, 02:02:46 pm »
Well, joined this club as I am taking ownership of this Abarth 124 auto on Wednesday (white with black bonnet and boot and red accents). Journey to here has taken quite a few years and is probably a similar route, towards its end, to others on here.

Journey to this car is quite a long one as had five Jaguar XKR’s (company cars) one after the other and when they ended the F-Type wasn’t available on my scheme but I still wanted a convertible for sunny day blats so found myself a late model Longbridge MG-TF in metallic green.

That was replaced by a nice red MG-TF, the Chinese ‘KD’ model built at Longbridge. Had MGF as company car way back when and still think they are great cars.

However when funds meant something newer was able to be purchased it was a black Venture spec’ MX-5. Everything the MG should have morphed into and a cracking car.

More funds meant an upgrade opportunity and with all intents and purposes it was going to be a later Mazda MX-5 2.0 but the Mazda dealers just didn’t seem interested in doing a deal. Always preferred the styling of the Fiat 124 and they worked hard to do me a deal. Did have ‘concern’ over a 1.4T engine but test-drive put paid to those concerns! It was a ‘Bronze’ Lusso plus model with a lovely tan leather interior and had Sat-Nav, reverse camera and keyless locking that the Abarth doesn’t have (Sat-nav was rubbish but I will get an SD card just to have the system there, will miss the keyless go but not desperately so and I’ll retrofit a reverse camera if I feel a need for it).

Really liked it but having a go in an Abarth and mind made up I wanted one of those next. Opportunity came when dealer I bought my 124 from had some great deals on (end of month, quarter and year all on same date is always a good time to buy). The auto ‘box was an added feature I’d considered (suits my driving style 95% of the time) and also better for my wife for rare occasions she drives. After a test drive I also think the auto box masks the lack of torque below about 2200 rpm I experience on my 124, I find it ‘bogged down’ quite a bit at crawling speeds and often needed first gear even if moving along.

On test drive I used the sport mode and flappy paddles (never use them in my daily driver cars) and was impressed, will be more than OK for me on any ‘enthusiastic’ run outs I have.

Very much looking forward to being on the forum and partaking and hope you’re as nice as the Mazda guys, even if, according to them, I was driving a Maziat/Fiazda/Mazda-in-disguise when I flipped to my 124 whilst there.   :wave:


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    Re: New member
    « Reply #1 on: March 25, 2019, 05:21:19 pm »
    Welcome to the forum motorman.

    We look forward to your input.