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Title: New member, advice on purchase sought!
Post by: Jimble on November 04, 2020, 07:21:29 pm

Just joined the forum as I'm about to buy a 595 Competizione. Not having owned an Abarth (or a fiat for that matter) before I thought I'd ask some advice on spec and price and if there is anything I should know - good or bad - before buying.

I'm looking at the 595 Competizione, probably circuit grey with the black brembo pack, beats audio, sunroof, xenon headlights, rain & dusk sensors (believe this includes the auto dimming rear view mirror?), with the dealer offering around £3500 off.

Is that a reasonable price or should I expect a larger discount?
Am I missing any key spec? (Or have I included anything rubbish?) I could lose the beats audio and sunroof for example, but have heard the standard audio is poor - is that true?

How are the seats on medium length journeys - are they comfortable or back breakers? I'm not keen on the leather seats through the mechanical diff would be nice - does the diff make a massive difference to the nature of the car, or is it a pointless extra?

I've seen conflicting details online about 595s coming with missing dealer fitted parts including pedals, BMC air filter & the filler cap but also that these parts are no longer standard?!

Is there anything I should know about the car before I buy? i.e. common faults or complaints? Any details appreciated regardless of its inspection details to look for, or something that goes wrong/badly in normal life.

Sorry for the million questions, I am rather in love with the angry little 595 and want to make sure I make good choices!

Title: Re: New member, advice on purchase sought!
Post by: mac1944 on November 04, 2020, 08:24:21 pm
I have just configured a 595 competizione on the Abarth UK web site it appears that fabric seats are standard and leather seats are an extra cost option. Check out the official Abarth UK site and use the configurator the options are listed under various headings.
Title: Re: New member, advice on purchase sought!
Post by: Jimble on November 05, 2020, 12:48:24 pm
Cheers Mac, I've been playing with the configurator a lot the last few weeks! I worded it badly but what I meant is do people think the standard sabelt seats are better or worse than the leather seat options in terms of comfort?