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Author Topic: Now know the name of the supposed psychiatric "disorder" we all suffer from ...  (Read 710 times)

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Hi fellow patients/sufferers,

I am a soon to be proud owner of a Podium Blue 595 Cabrio. with the M.T.A. gearbox @ (140bhp).

I first fell in love with Abarth when I saw an Abarth 500 giving a Porsche Boxter a lesson in how to go fast.

If she lives up to my expectations I might get her modded a little.

I was at first going to have the manual box but the idea of being able to just push the loud pedal or brake when driving appealed to me if I want to have an easy drive and not use the flappy paddles.

I am classed as a disabled driver on account of my dwarfism and I usually go for cars a lot bigger (mentally insert own jokes here). I would normally have to drive with extension pedals fitted but not in an Abarth; another reason to have one.

I had the money ready and decided to take the plunge to embrace this psychiatric disorder to my full ability.

When she finally is delivered next month I will post a few photos for all to see.
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    Hi Aaron, your sense of humour is refreshing!

    You are right these little cars are fun and addictive. I have owned some very nice cars but few have won me over the way my Abarth has. It will be great to see a new car in Podium Blue and although the MTA is not for me it does add it's own uniqueness and I am sure you will love it. Keep us posted  :thumb:
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