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Author Topic: 2015 595 Competizione  (Read 1207 times)

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2015 595 Competizione
« on: October 23, 2017, 09:31:29 am »
IMG_20171021_153235_01 by Alex Mason, on Flickr

IMG_20171021_153247_01 by Alex Mason, on Flickr

I was going to wait to do some proper photos but sack it! the weather is gash here today!

Just picked this up on Friday gone and its gotten under my skin already. Such a grin inducing little thing. Never owned anything like this before, its been all naturally aspirated shopping mobiles to this point. So getting used to the turbo is mighty fun.

Could have stretched to a Comp 180, but couldn't ignore that this car was some 3k cheaper. Its done 60,000 miles but is in super condition with 7 stamps in the service book and cam belt done already at 40,000.  Its absolutely solid. There are only two things to sort:

1. The Monza exhaust whilst visibly rusty in places is still very solid. Back box is in good nick, but the valve is predictably rusted shut and the spring is missing! I will be onto the dealer today as the car is still within its 3 year warranty period.

2. Annoying rattle/knock: Thought it was suspension, but the dampers and bushes are in excellent form. After driving to work today I am convinced it is in the cabin somewhere... its a thin sound, like plastic on plastic. Only happens at low speed too. Fine once in flow.

I was going to get a Turismo, but the Sabelts and the Monza swung it for me. 160 hp feels absolutely enough as well, I have to say. I can't imagine what 180 feels like....this feels nicely judged: A good balance of performance without feeling like its out of control. Still slightly terrifying booting it down a bumpy back road; like riding a bronco!

I can't get over how good it feels to take corners either, its like a go-kart! Frustratingly I haven't had any pops n bangs from the exhaust (muffled anyway as the valve is shut) but my other half has already managed to make it happen 3 times!


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