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Author Topic: My new baby! =D  (Read 11412 times)

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Re: My new baby! =D
« Reply #15 on: December 27, 2008, 01:45:06 pm »
well heres a few pics, standard abarth (having assetto or esse esse kit fitted later - will decided when i have some more money lol), cruise control, sub, climate control,

first inpressions. FANTASTIC beats the crap out of my mjet and i loved that car.

Get the Esseesse dude if you got the cash and can stretch it that far - you wont be sorry! It does make a good difference from the 155bhp!

thank you mate :) its nice to have a bit of encouragement, a few people think its a lot of money for what you actually get, but i deffinatly want it!... by the way what did it do to your insurence? and how old are you?

It knocked it up about £100 quid, im 22 so insurance has always been a deciding factor when it comes to cars! Im with direct line, as they give you vandalism cover and protection against uninsured drivers as standard - which i felt i needed on the Abarth.
Ah go on! Go on, go on, go on, go on! You might be able to get some monies knocked off it too, so bear that in mind too.
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