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Author Topic: Meet the Team  (Read 8240 times)

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Meet the Team
« on: February 03, 2013, 10:29:21 pm »
Abarthisti is part of the AutoGuide.com family of on-line communities. Their team of professional support and technical staff ensure the Abarthisti community has a reliable base for their on-line activities.

The current Community Manager is Helena 

The volunteer administrators are Abarth enthusiasts drawn from the community and have spent time as a moderator before moving on to work on the background systems as well as providing  a guiding view for the community and arbitration for moderation if needed. They work hand in hand with the Community Manager and the AutoGuide team to make sure Abarthisti is the best it can be, creating a fun and mature environment for all of you to share in the enjoyment of Abarth ownership.

The current volunteer administrators are: GTMartin   PORTHOS

In addition to the administrators we have a dedicated group of volunteer moderators who look after the forum ensuring that everyone can enjoy themselves. They have been drawn from the community and are dedicated Abarth enthusiasts. If you have any queries about moderation or event ideas these are the guys to have a chat with.

The moderation team is currently made up of: 124Abarthreplica
Abarthisti is also assisted by several kind volunteers who give up their time to help in other capacities.

Colin our Events Organiser, liaises with large regional and national events organisers. He ensures Abarthisti are able to take advantage of discounted tickets and exclusive parking if available. 

John501 is our current Dealer Liasion. John's responsibility is to ensure the registered dealers continue to follow the ethos of the forum. He'll step in to ensure fairness and balance, and will escalate any customer satisfaction issues that arise.
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