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Author Topic: Having trouble registering?  (Read 7928 times)


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Having trouble registering?
« on: July 31, 2009, 01:28:37 pm »
When you register with the Abarthisti Forum, your account must go through an approval process before you can log-in for the first time.

Firstly, your account must be reviewed and manually approved by us.  Generally this happens quickly, but can take longer particularly if we are attending an event.  Avoid using an email address from a free provider - Hotmail, Yahoo, etc - since these can be easily flagged as spam accounts.

Once approved, you will be sent an email containing a special activation link.  You must follow this link to activate your account; once activated, you can log-in as normal.

Note that this activation email is sent to the address you specified when you originally registered.  It's therefore critical that you ensure you enter your email address correctly.  You must also ensure that emails from abarthforum.co.uk and abarthisti.co.uk are added to your 'safe list' to prevent them being incorrectly filed in your 'junk mail' folder.

While this process may sound a little like running the gauntlet, it has unfortunately become necessary due to the many hundreds of spammers and scammers who attempt to gain access to the forum and members' personal info.

We ask that you please try to be patient with us: we all have full-time day jobs, families, friends and social lives (or used to!), and running Abarthisti has to fit in around our other commitments.  Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day.

To re-cap, if you're having trouble with your registration:-
    Add abarthforum.co.uk and abarthisti.co.uk to your 'safe list'
    Check your 'junk mail' folder for your activation email
    Try to avoid using a free web mail address - Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

It also never hurts for you to drop us a line and tell us about yourself and your Abarth.

Remember also:

If you're stuck and need help, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.

Note for AOL users: AOL appears to block the activation email, preventing it from ever arriving.  We strongly recommend AOL users register using an alternative email provider.
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