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Author Topic: PORTHOS - 595 Competizione  (Read 8343 times)

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Re: PORTHOS - 595 Competizione
« Reply #15 on: October 17, 2017, 09:24:14 am »
What's the weight of each wheel?
I've recently fitted my Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 that were sitting in the garage and although each wheel weighs 7.1kg, the tyre/wheel combination (tyres ares Hankook V12 Evo2 in 205/45/16 and are not the lightest) is "only" 0.5 kg lighter than my worn Uniroyals and SS wheels. Despite the small weight saving on mine, I can feel the difference, so I can only imagine what 2kg must feel like!  :thumb: :thumb: ;D


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